hi im scott and this is my art blog

yes i accept art requests but there is not a 100% chance that i will do it as i have a very busy schedule doing nothing
art trades are open!

someone suggested that i put a donate button on my blog but no one has donated and i feel like an idiot

commission info

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bloody mary bloody mary bloody mary 

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some requests

finally i have time to draw on my tablet

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relenawarcraft asked: What would happen if Wolverine ran out of bubs to snikt?

he becomes a chef and cuts vegetables

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Anonymous asked: yo what's mercury's mutation??

his mutation is that he is Hella Gay

(it’s telekinesis)

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hot dad

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happy birthday old man

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sad life of scott summers

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otp height difference

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buckiedbarnes asked: nerd I'm so maD HOW DID YOU GET THAT URL